The Cupboard Shoppe and Tranquil Sands was started by Mr. Richard “Dick” Fuller, who is a craftsman of various talents, from marque puppets to Tranquil Sands, otherwise known as Sand Pictures.

Mr Sandman, hard at work

Dick Fuller has been handcrafting these picturesque Tranquil Sands sand pictures for over 20 years and originally was creating them in Pennsylvania before he moved to Lebanon, Ohio. His studio is a nice walk from his home, where he has many of his wonderful Sand Pictures on display in various sizes all ready to ship to your location, or if you live local to the Southwestern Ohio area you can choose to pick your Tranquil Sands sand picture up at his studio or he may even deliver it to you, in person.

He tests each finished encased glass for leaks prior to adding water tints and the frames. Below you can see the sand pictures encased in premium glass, and a few of the smaller size of 4″ x 5″ in a solid oak frames with a natural finish.

testing for leakage station

There are many sizes of the Tranquil Sands sand pictures all ready available to purchase now for all your gift giving as well as one for yourself, they just need your variation of dye to add or not to add – the choice is yours!

tested & ready for sale


If the color variation you want isn’t in stock, he handmakes the sand picture to your specifications – all sizes are available with solid oak frames with a natural finish or a solid pine frame with a walnut stain, plus there are up to 5 different sand variations to choose from and over 20 dye options for the water… or select no dye in the water.

The most often purchased variety are picture sands with blue water, so it appears as a blue sky among the landscapes created by the sand pictures.