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artistic sand pictures

Tranquil Sands are artistic sand pictures that help bring nature into your living room, waiting room or office. As the colored sands gently drift from the top of the picture to the bottom new works of art are created every time. They make perfect gifts for those you care for including yourself.
  • There are three different sands

  • Distilled water with dye and air (To see choice of water colors click here.)

  • Encapsulated between two pieces of glass

  • The glass is framed in finished wood

  • All TRANQUIL SANDS have a black and white sand with the third color being one of five different colors: blue, green, purple, red or rust

To order a Tranquil Sands picture click here

How does a TRANQUIL SAND work?

To see the time lapsed demonstration please wait while video loads ...

  • When you turn the picture over the air supports the sand and regulates the rate at which the sand falls

  • The more air in the picture the slower the sand falls 

  • The slower the sand falls the more scenic the picture

As a result of barometric pressure changes, over time the picture will gain so much air that the sand will not fall. This situation can be corrected.

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