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  • When the sand will not fall the picture has too much air.

  • To correct the condition pull out the " wood dowel that the picture turns on

  • Insert a syringe (up to a 3cc syringe with a 1", 22 gauge needle) through the dowel hole into the space between the two pieces of glass

    • Add distilled water

    • Turn the picture so the end of the needle is in the air and extract air

    • Be sure to remove by volume as much air as you added water

    If the sand is going too fast do the opposite of that described above. That is add air and remove water.


  • Always start with a full syringe (have the plunger all the way back and return it to the same position before removing if from the picture).
  • If you are not certain that the same amount has been removed take the plunger out of the syringe and insert the open syringe into the picture with the syringe on top, allowing it to stand 1-2 minutes. This will equalize the pressure inside to that outside.
  • If the volume of air changed readjust again.

Hints for better performance

  • If the picture has not been used for several hours, shake it to make small bubbles out of the large ones.

When you turn the picture over have the top of the picture slightly toward you.  The white sand will then fall on your side and vein (striated) the picture making it more scenic.

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